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Pamper your pooch

Keep your dog healthy with expert grooming

Your dog is part of your family and you want to make sure he's comfortable, clean and feeling his best. At The Spa For Dogs we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your dog receives a happy, satisfying and relaxing spa experience. We never use sedatives and grooming sessions are cageless when temperament allows.


All of our groomers have been certified. For your dog’s safety we use only organic and all-natural products and will hand dry him after bathing. Our team is certified in canine nutrition and behavioral health.

The Tail Wagger:

  • Pre-brush and tidy

  • Organic shampoo and conditioner application

  • Ears and pads cleaned

  • Nails trimmed

  • Hand dry

  • Haircut and style

  • Bow or bandana and fragrance

Luxurious spa packages for pups

The Pampered Pooch:

  • All the services included in a Tail Wagger

  • Blueberry facial

  • Paw-balm rub

The North Shore Pooch:

  • All the services included in a Pampered Pooch

  • Teeth brushing with jet oral irrigation

  • 5-minute skin conditioning treatment

A la Carte grooming services

  • Pet massage - 15 minutes

  • Pet facial - helps with tear stains

  • Mud bath with warm towels - great for dry, itchy skin; hot spots

  • Special coat treatments

  • Hydro spa tubs with aromatherapy - great for dogs with sore hips, or post-surgery

  • Nail trimming

  • Paw-dicure nail color

  • De-skunking

  • Natural flea bath

  • Allergy relief solution - for your from your pet, cuts down on pet dandruff

  • Shed-reducing treatment

  • Teeth-brushing with jet oral irrigation

  • Spa hydro tub - for a just great feeling

Grooming services with your convenience in mind

To meet the demands of your busy schedule, The Spa For Dogs offers pickup and drop-off service for your dog’s grooming session. All sessions and treatments are made by appointment for ease of scheduling. Pets must be picked up by 4:00 p.m., Tuesdays through Fridays, and by 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Late pick-ups will incur additional charges. A 24-hour notice is required prior to cancelling appointments.


The Spa For Dogs also serves senior-age and special-needs dogs. Simply call ahead for an appointment, and we will pick up your special needs dog in our van, provide him or her with a relaxing spa treatment - including a bath in our aromatherapeutic hydro-spa tub - and return him happy and relaxed at the hour of your choosing.  While waiting for his session, your dog can join in the fun of our supervised doggie playroom.

Enjoy money-saving discounts

The Spa For Dogs offers you 10% off your first grooming session in addition to money-saving discounts when you book your dog for weekly grooming appointments. You can be sure that your best buddy will receive the 5-Star treatment whenever you bring him to us.